Rosana Kooymans

September 2009

Sims Fansites Meeting in The Efteling!

Ewwooooo! Yesterday Junior attended a Dutch Sims fansites event in the Efteling, an amusement park in The Netherlands! Unfortunately not everybody could make it, but it was fun nonetheless. Secretary ChEeTaH, Secretary Rosana, Uncle DeKDeS, Aunt Mogway, Uncle Catdog, Uncle Wouter and Uncle Rens were all there! Junior did not blog about this during the event because Junior was having too much fun! Junior has seen most of the attractions in the park, one of them being Carnaval Festival:
Junior was enjoying the views of the lake near the Efteling Theatre while the others were eating an ice cream.
Junior also met Holle Bolle Gijs! He eats paper and other trash you put into his mouth. Although Junior thinks it's really supposed to be only paper. He says "Papier Hier", that means "Paper Here".
Junior did manage to go on a picture with Long Neck. But of course, knowing Junior, Junior feels more important so he made sure he's visible in this picture and Long Neck is very blurry!
Afterwards uncle DeKDeS and aunt Mogway had to go home Sad but the rest of us wanted to go out for dinner so we went to Bommel Beer. Junior had a great dinner of French fries, pork, mushroom sauce and other tasty foods like chicken wings. Afterwards Junior ate a nice beary ice cream!
Junior is still a bit full from all the food and tired from all the walking. But Junior had so much fun he hopes there will be another fansites meeting soon!