Rosana Kooymans

October 2009

Seth's Birthday Party - Blog #2

Ewwooo! Junior's here again, taking a little timeout while some of the guests (uncle Rens, aunt Patricia and uncle Wouter) are playing games on the Wii. Seth is playing with some of his new toys. Uncle Martin and aunt Angela just arrived as well, so it's a big crowd here now! The biggest bummer is that Junior has NOT received any presents yet! Just nice rolls, some drinks and other yummy foods. Junior will eat and drink some more soon, the pictures will be up soon, probably tomorrow. Bye bye again!

Junior with Seth's new DUPLO toys!
Some of our visitors, aunt Mogway and uncle DeKDeS were not present yet. From left to right: uncle Rens, aunt Patricia, Sethcat, daddycat and uncle Wouter!
Junior taking a dive in the cheese fondue!
Junior and some new friends. All the Teletubbies. Dipsy (the green one) is new. And Winnie the Pooh is new as well!
Ohhh yummm home made chocolate cake! Junior loves chocolate!

Seth's Birthday Party - Blog #1

This is the first of a brand new series of blogs by me, the Great Junior! That's because little Seth's birthday was yesterday, so today we're celebrating big time with a bunch of Sims fans coming over! We'll have aunt Angela and uncle Martin over as usual, then there's uncle Wouter (who's also here pretty much every time), then uncle Rens (from Simlicious) and aunt Patricia (from Sims3Nieuws). Oh, and of course the secretaries (mummycat and daddycat), Seth and the very famous Junior (that's me!) will be here too! Junior can't wait to eat the whole cake, all the nice rolls that mommycat will be making and then the lovely cheese fondue dinner tonight! Oh, and Junior also can't wait to open all the presents!

Umph, the secretary just tells me not all the food is Junior's, and that the presents are all for Seth! What a spoilage! Junior will blog again later, as Junior's mood has just turned a bit worse...

Oh, by the way, it's Seth's second birthday party already!