Rosana Kooymans

December 2009


Junior was wondering if there is anything Junior can do to improve Juniorwood? Is there anything you would like to see on this website? Suggestions are welcome! Please share them with Junior. Junior will then make sure the female secretary will fix this!

Junior loves snow!

Junior has seen lots of snow today! It was very cold. Junior was outside walking with daddycat, mommycat and Sethcat. Junior hopes to see even more snow tomorrow!

Junior on a star!

Junior loves stars, that's why Junior has his own Hollywood star. But Junior has seen many pretty stars lately in this apartment. He climbed one of those stars today and had the female secretary make a picture:

Supersecret Signature?

When Junior's website was launched, Junior wondered if he should make signatures for his fans, because Junior is sooooo busy Wink So this is one of the drawings and signatures Junior made! Junior will launch the supersecret signature project soon!

Junior Painting

Junior hasn't shown this on Junior's blog yet. But mommycat has painted Junior a while ago. Junior is very proud of this! Below you can see the painting.


Junior doesn't know if blogging each and every day is the right thing to do. Junior likes to blog, but Junior doesn't think many people actually read the blogs. Junior posted a really nice video, yet no one really commented, except for uncle DeKDeS. Junior, mommycat and daddycat spent most of the day filming and editing that video. So it was a little frustrating that barely anyone said anything. Junior has also asked for suggestions, but again, no replies. Junior is clueless. Maybe Junior will go away for a while, to think about the things Junior wants to do.


For once, Junior has no clue what to say. This is very rare. Junior is *always* thinking and talking. But today Junior just can't find the words.

Do you have suggestions for Junior? Smile Happy

Christmas Tree on top of a building!

Junior spotted this today! Every year, a large Christmas tree is placed on top of the Nedinsco building in Venlo. Junior could see how the tree was taken to the top of the building, well one floor below the top, since there are constructions going on right now. We don't want the Christmas tree falling down! Mommycat will soon post lots of pics from the Nedinsco building and the tree!

No vacation for Junior!

Junior recently discovered that Junior will not be going home to San Francisco, or anywhere else, on holiday during Christmas. Junior is looking forward to Christmas dinner though! But Junior would rather have yummy dinner in San Francisco! Crying Junior will go to bed now. Maybe Junior will have a better mood tomorrow.

Junior is racing!

Junior has found his car today! Because Junior is so happy about this, Junior decided to make a video! That's right! Junior is back. And there is more to come! Happy