Rosana Kooymans

May 2009

Sims 3 Hands-on - After party post!

Yeeeeesssss, Junior has another thing to show from last Friday! First: the pictures have been added to the other moblogs. Secondly there's a video of uncle Martin and aunt Angela who completely crazily misbehave on their way home. It's in Dutch, but maybe it will be translated with subtitles soon, or maybe not! Check it out below! Bye!

Sims 3 Hands-on - Moblog #5

Weeell, Junior's veeeeeeeeery long day is over! Junior's feet are killing him because of all the walking. Junior could watch the female secretary build her house for a while, and she did a great job! It'll be put on the Exchange in a little over two weeks time! Afterwards Junior went to McDonalds with the secretaries, aunt Angela, uncle Martin, uncle Wouter, uncle Jordy and aunt Madelon, to get some food and drinks, because Junior was really hungry! And then Junior had to wait for the train on the station, and now Junior is back home. Junior at McDonalds.
All in all, Junior has had a super day and wants to play the Sims 3 again tomorrow! But Junior has to wait almost three weeks, until it's out in the Netherlands. But now it's time for Junior to go to sleep, Junior will put some pictures online tomorrow, so bye!

Sims 3 Hands-on - Moblog #4

Junior loves goodies!
Junior is back again, with a goodiebag! It has a Sims 3 introduction CD, a big plumbob, a small plumbob tiara, and a plumbob USB stick! MJ has signed the big plumbob! Cool, huh? EA has also made some group photos and Junior is on them! Junior will put some more pictures online soon! But now Junior is blogging again, because the female secretary is creating a house that will be posted on the official exchange at the launch of the Sims 3. It takes a little to get used to all the controls, and it has to be done really quickly, as there's only half an hour to get it all done. Everything got delayed a bit at the start, so now we have only a bit of time left. This is a new form of censorship, Sims 3 censorship Grin Uncle DeKDeS is still crazy as ever! This photographer was photographing Junior the entire time! Maybe it's because Junior is so famous!
Junior has also seen that others are already busy reporting about the event.

Sims 3 Hands-on - Moblog #3

Junior on the picture with MJ Chun!
Soo, Junior is back again for a bit! Junior is still playing, but Junior has also had lunch and drank something! And Junior is on a picture with MJ from EA! And the secretaries have discovered the testing cheat! And there's much more news! But that will all be in previews. Right now everybody is busy playing, twittering, blogging and so on. In a while there will be a nice surprise, but Junior doesn't know what that is yet. Junior has seen goodie bags though! And the food was good! But Junior is going to play again, so see you later!!
Junior loves these! And it was not MJ Chun who was holding Junior here! Just kidding, MJ helped Junior sit still on this picture!

Sims 3 Hands-on - Moblog #2

Ewwoo! Junior is here again, now from the Jaarbeurs. Junior is taking a little break from playing the Sims 3, but it's really much fun! Junior has already seen lots of new things: careers, skills (which you can learn at the career buildings), career places that you can purchase, a lot of glasses, and Junior has also seen a bit of Riverview! Junior will also go on a picture with MJ Chun. Oh, Junior can also set the options if Sims age, how old they will be, and big automatic events like marriage and such can be enabled and disabled, and much more! Junior is really enthusiastic! But the secretaries will write more on their own sites. Now Junior will have some lunch before playing some more! Oh, finally: there is a cheat to enable Llamas in the game: enableLlamas. See you later! Lots of fans and fansites playing Sims 3!
More fans and fansites playing Sims 3!

Sims 3 Hands-on - Moblog #1

Ewwooo!!! Junior is not really moblogging yet, because Junior is now just blogging! Junior has to hurry though, because in a few minutes Junior has to leave because Junior is going to Utrecht again! Junior has to finish his breakfast, but then Junior will catch the train. In Utrecht MJ Chun will show The Sims 3 and Junior can also play this time! Unfortunately taking pictures of the game isn't allowed, so Junior is a bit sad about that, but Junior will be going by train and eat nice rolls there and drink coffee at the station en going to the Jaarbeurs to play though! So Junior is signing off again, see you again when Junior is blogging! Byeeeeee! (Secretary: pictures will be put up after the event) Junior in the train.
Junior in the train.