Rosana Kooymans

Junior goes to Starbucks!

In July, November, December 2006, Junior went to San Francisco. That's in California. And that is in the United States.

So... Junior went home. Yes, because San Francisco is Junior's home. Junior can't wait until the family moves home.

Oh yeah, Junior was telling about the trips to San Francisco. Junior can tell great stories!

Anyway, Junior has been to California several times. Junior would like to go back, before we go back to live there. Because that will take some time.


See, Junior has big news! And Junior is so happy with this news that Junior keeps forgetting what he is supposed to tell!

On January 22nd this month mommycat and daddycat will attend another press conference. Junior loves those! Because it's a chance to see aunt Angela again. And of course aunt Starrats. And errrrm, uncle DeKDeS. And let's not forget all the others!

Mommycat and daddycat promised Junior to go to Starbucks on Schiphol. Since very recently, they added another Starbucks, before the gates Grin And Junior loves Starbucks!

At home Junior drank a strawberry cream frappuccino. And Junior intends to do exactly the same now! If Starbucks here in The Netherlands also has the bottled frappuccinos, Junior may just buy them as well! Because Junior wants to drink frappuccinos at home as well.

That was it for now. For more information about the press conference and the game, go to! There you will find everything you'll need to know Grin

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