Rosana Kooymans

Spore Event Moblog #4

EA in Chertsey:

Ewwoooo! Junior has experienced a lot already. After the Starbucks we were picked up by a taxi and driven to EA really fast. There we had to wait a while, because the computers still had to be set up. But then the time had come, Junior could walk up the big stairs to a small office where Spore was ready for Junior!

First uncle Thomas [Vu - male secretary] showed the game for a bit. He told about Sporepedia and how fansites like those of the secretaries can show their critters. You can also use Sporepedia and Sporecasts to find critters and other things and put them in the game.

There are veeeery many editors. You can create your creature, but also buildings and UFOs! Junior can't make planets though, because Maxis things that's too hard, just like all kinds of little parts for on your creature and stuff.

Unfortunately Junior couldn't take a picture of him with the game this time. But Junior did go on a picture with him and the Spore logo!

There is even an editor for the music! Junior can pick notes and then the music will be made by the game, all by itself. Junior really liked the sound of it! Junior has also played all levels of the game a bit, from the creature swimming around in the tide pool to the large creature flying around in UFOs. And Junior can createit all! Junior can even make Juniors which will conquer the entire world and all other planets!

Junior also went on a picture with a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery large Spore creature on cardboard:

There is soooooooo much more to tell, but the secretaries iwll do that on hun previews which will be online soon! You can read those on SporeNetwork and The Spore Zone. Uncle Teun from Spore-Net will have his preview online soon!

Lunch: potatoes, ham, broccoli and cheese-sauce.

Currently Junior is having a big lunch, and later we'll all except aunt Anita go to London. Aunt Anita has to go to a meeting so she can't join, which Junior thinks is a little sad. Junior will also go on a photo with uncle Thomas, because that has to happen too! Junior is famous! Later today Junior will blog again!

Junior together with uncle Thomas!

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