Rosana Kooymans

The Sims 2 Apartment Life Moblog #1

Ewwwooooooooo!!! Junior is back again! Today Junior got up quite early again, at 7am already! Because there is a big day ahead of Junior, so Junior has to moblog again. Today Junior will go to EA near Schiphol to play the new Sims expansion pack Apartment Life, together with the secretaries, uncle Michel, aunt Angela and uncle Martin. It's going to be superduperduperduper much fun! Junior lives in an apartment himself, so Junior can really identithingy with the little Sims who will pay weekly rent.

Junior has read a lot about the expansion pack, and Junior thinks that witches are going to be a bit frightening. But okay, Junior will see soon. First Junior has to take the train to Eindhoven and then to Schiphol and then go with aunt Angela and uncle Martin in the car to EA. We have to get out before the hill at EA though, otherwise aunt Angela's car won't make it to the top! Junior will blog again later, now Junior is going to nazzzzzzzzzz...

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