Rosana Kooymans

The Sims 2 FreeTime Moblog #5

Bim has given a very nice demonstration of FreeTime! There are many new things in it that all ahve to do with hobbies. Junior has a lot of hobbies too, from playing the violin to blogging and messing with cars too! Sims can do all of that too, so they can have a life just as fun as that of Junior! There is also a genie in a bottle like in Aladdin, and that genie gives a looooooot of money. So Junior won't have to work anymore in the future, Junior only has to wish for money very often! Only Bim said that every time you wish for money the amount decreases, so eventually Junior will not receive any more money from the genie. Junior can also visit secret lots if Junior is really enthusiastic about a hobby. It's too bad you can't change those locations, Junior doesn't like that so much, but it is fun to play with trains and stuff! Junior can even place villages and mountains on the table, like a jigsaw! Sims can also play new games like Fifa, Spore, MySims and The Sims 3 already. Junior wants to play The Sims 3 and Spore too! But they aren't for sale yet.

Ook kan Junior geheime kavels bezoeken als Junior heel enthousiast over een hobby is. Jammer genoeg kun je die plekken niet aanpassen, dat vindt Junior niet zo leuk, maar het is wel leuk om te spelen met treintjes enzo! Junior kan zelfs zelf dorpjes en bergen op de tafel zetten, net als een puzzel! Ook kunnen Sims al nieuwe spelletjes spelen zoals Fifa, Spore, MySims en De Sims 3. Junior wil ook De Sims 3 en Spore spelen! Maar die zijn nog niet in de winkels.

Click here for the product page of The Sims 2 FreeTime!

The Sims 3!!
The Sims 3!!
The Sims 3!!

Furthermore there is veeeeeery much in the pack, but the secretaries will write that in their reports on SimsNetwerk and The Sims Zone. I'll blog again soon, because there is a surprise activity!

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