Rosana Kooymans

The Sims 2 FreeTime Moblog #6

Everybody is now busy with a very special activity, and Junior has also joined! Everybody gets to spray graffiti, with dirty stinking spraying cans. But it's real fun! The male secretary has sprayed the J of Junior on the board, and everybody tried to draw pretty letters. Junior does it together with the female secretary, and we're in a group with the male secretary, uncle Martin, aunt Angela, aunt Patricia (Starrats) and aunt MamaSims (that name is a little weird for an aunt!).


All of us are now making the freezer bunny! It isn't going entirely as planned, because the paint drips down, but that'll be okay with a little help! Aunt Angela and aunt MamaSims don't participate anymore, because they can't stand the air really well. Other than that everybody is busy drawing their own picture of something that has to do with the Sims, all in groups. Everybody is busy being creative. Well, Junior has to get on with it! Later!

Sketch of the Freezer Bunny, mommycat made!
Mommycat did the light blue sky (aunt Patricia did the dark blue sky, but light blue was painted over it, for a nice effect!). Uncle DeKDeS and daddycat painted the beautiful green hills, but there is no picture of that Sad
Mommycat doing the contours of the Freezer Bunny
The graffiti sometime in between. The contours are done, the eyes partially...
Aunt Patricia was painting the inside of the Freezer Bunny!
The Bunny, almost complete. The eyes were quite a hassle!
Uncle DeKDeS and aunt Angela (who is holding the sketch for mommycat!)
And here the final results, below the three groups with their paintings (all beautiful paintings!!)
The painting of Junior's group!! Junior actually did it all himself, although the others probably claim Junior didn't! Tongue
At the end a group picture was made of the EA people, webmasters and fans!

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