Rosana Kooymans

The Sims 3 Moblog #2

Ewwwoooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Junior has just ate a big lot! It was real nice, with a double bacon cheese burger and twister fries and chicken nuggets and onion rings and sauces and coke! But Junior has also seen Ben Bell's presentation of the Sims 3 and went on a picture with Ben. Junior thinks the Sims 3 is very good with many new personalities and a new neighborhood and new objects and new possibilities and much more. You can turn objects around all the way and chairs will stick to tables when you drag then and you can apply patters anywhere, from walls to floors and clothes to everything of the Sims! Well, Junior doesn't remember it all exactly anymore, but it's very nice and the secretaries will put something online soon!

Everything took place in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, in a beautiful green room with a nice entrance in a tunnel and all that. Junior has also drank some good coffee, which was really tasty! Oh yeah, Junior has also given Ben some hagelslag, and later Junior will go to uncle Ben again because some people canceled for this afternoon and Junior can watch the presentation again and maybe ask even more questions!

Uncle Jorrit with Junior (and coffee!)
Uncle Rutger with Junior!

But right now Junior is at the burger king with the secretaries and uncle Rutger and uncle Wouter and uncle Martin and aunt Angela (but they're smoking outside now) for lunch and then Junior and the secretaries and uncle Martin and uncle Angela will go to the presentation again. But uncle Rutger and uncle Wouter won't come along because they have to go home again, uncle Jorrit has left already too because he has two exams tomorrow. Aunt Nina was supposed to come as well but she couldn't get out of bed early enough. Furthermore Junior saw aunt Anita and aunt Deborah and many more people again. Junior will blog again soon, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

*Om nom nom*
*Yumm yumm yummmmm*

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