Rosana Kooymans

The Sims 3 Moblog #3

Uncle Ben with Junior (and hagelslag!)

Junior is tired! Junior has walked all day and as Junior already said Junior has seen the Sims 3 again! It was a lot of fun and because the light in the room was now white the secretaries could take pictures a little easier. The Internet was also broken for a little while but Ben fixed it and then he could show the new Sims 3 website. And Ben has also shown a few new things like bikes and he has also said that you can always choose a new career by just clicking the building of that career. There were also some fans of now, who Junior didn't know at all but they probably do know Junior.

Oh yeah, Junior has also eaten some chocolates with caramel-like filling. They were super tasty, almost as tasty as pizza! And there were French baguettes with butter and Ben had to wait for his taxi to Spain [Schiphol, to take the airplane there - male secretary], because he still has to go to Italy! Ben travels a lot, Junior is jealous and wants to travel home too! But now Junior is traveling too, to Junior's temporary home outside the country of the Netherlands (the secretaries call it Limburg all the time), by train. And later Junior will eat home made meat pastries and then go to sleep, because all that walking back and from the station to the Jaarbeurs has made Junior really tired! And Junior hadn't slept much already because Junior had to wake up too early and didn't get pizza as breakfast! So good night everybody and END OF STORY!

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