Rosana Kooymans

Birthday Partytime! - Blog #1

Yessssss, Junior is moblogging again, but not mo this time, but normal! Because today it's Valentine's day and that means that 4 days ago it was the female secretary's (mommycat) birthday and in 4 days time it'll be the male secretary's (daddycat) birthday, so it's time for a big party! Junior will blog about aunt Angela and uncle Martin and uncle Wouter who will be here in less than an hour. Junior will have to go and pick up Junior at the station though. But then Junior will be back to party and eat tasty things and cheese fondue and to dance on the Wii and to play the Sims and to play Spore and to play much more and to eat and to drink! So Junior is going to have a lot of fun!

But it's also a veeeeeeery special day, because today Junior's website will go online at in two languages thanks to the male secretary andeven more so the female secretary! So Junior is really happy! Byeeeee!

Oh yeah, happy birthday mommycat and daddycat!

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