Rosana Kooymans

Birthday Partytime! - Blog #3

Pheeeeeeeew, Junior is back again. It's supernice here, and Junior of course super famous and has eaten super yummy cheese fondue. This afternoon everybody danced on the Wii and even uncle Martin liked it a lot! So everybody was really tired but liked it a lot!

Now everybody's looking at pictures of the female secretary, but Seth is already in his bed. I bet there will be much more gaming today and much more chatting about Spore and Sims and much more. So Junior has to go and watch photos again, bye!

*Om nom nom*
Cheese fondue!
Lots of yummy pastries!
Chicken on a skewer.
Junior is soooo stuffed right now!
Barely any leftovers (Which is a good sign! Because there was plenty!)

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