Rosana Kooymans

MySims Party Moblog #4

Aunt Anita, uncle Troy and uncle Tim!

Sooooo, the presentation is over again and it was a lot of fun! The female secretary got to play MySims Party and she won an uncle Chef Gino statue! It was first on the table! Uncle Troy has told a lot, and uncle Tim has also explained MySims Party and MySims Racing in a very nice way. It's a bit like Mario Party and Mario Kart but also not at all, because you can make everything yourself like you can always do in MySims! Unfortunately Junior couldn't take pictures of the racing game because it isn't finished far enough yet. But it's a lot of fun! The secretaries will probably post a preview on their sites soon!

Aunt Resie and Junior!
Aunt Anita and Junior!

Junior also went on a photo with uncle Troy for Junior's Wall of Fame, and Junior has eaten a tasty bun too! So Junior is really happy! Everybody is talking about MySims and Junior and that's very nice too. Junior also got a MySims keychain with a very pretty CD. So Junior can still enjoy MySims Party at home too. But now Junior has to go again though, because Junior is really busy making sure everything goes well otherwise nobody can find the nice buns so byeeeeee!

Uncle Troy and Junior!

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