Rosana Kooymans

May 2007

Junior Becomes a Big Brother!

Junior hasn't blogged in a long time, but Junior was really busy with his dancing career. Junior has visited home in November/December 2006, to the Golden Gate Bridge and Union Square and of course Maxis! After that mommycat (female secretary) got ill and since then things have slowed down.

But Junior has some big news! Since 13 weeks mommycat is getting bigger near her belly! Mommycat and daddycat have told Junior that Junior will get a new family member. Junior was not happy at first. Junior even called Artis to ask if they would want a mini leopard 'in about 9 months', but they didn't want it. And in the meantime, mommycat and daddycat have told Junior that Junior shouldn't sell the new family member, he should be happy. Junior will get a new task in his life, he's going to be a big brother!

Junior still has no idea what it is that big brothers do, but Junior thinks it will be fun! Maybe Junior's new brother or sister can help find Juniorientje, because Junior has been looking for her forever!