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Spore Event Moblog #7

Poo poo, Junior's day is almost over! Junior has had a lot of fun today and did a whole big lot. Now Junior is in the train back to Eindhoven, and then later Junior can see Seth as welL! Junior also wants to have Spore but Junior has to wait a few more months. Junior is really happy that Junior got to play Spore for so long, much longer than planned at first. That's why Junior says thank you to aunt Anita from EA and also to uncle Thomas from EA and all the other people from EA who were there to get Junior to Spore and to feed Junior! Junior really liked everything and thought everything was yummy! Junior will go to bed soon, so Junior will not moblog again. Not now. Maybe again next time, when Junior goes on a trip again. Junior says goodbye!

Spore Event Moblog #6

Junior doesn't have much time, because the train will leave soon. Junior has slept all the way in the plane! Which was almost 2 hours late, because the airplane driver and the other airplane people weren't at the airplane yet! They were late because of the fog this morning on the airport. But Junior is now back at Schiphol, and had some yummy Hazelnut Hot Chocolate from Starbucks. Junior now has to wait for the train to Utrecht, then Eindhoven, then home. Junior will nap again because Junior is really tired though. Junior will be back later though!

Spore Event Moblog #5

Here are some pictures of Junior in London:

Phew, Junior is really tired! Junior had to walk really fast to be back on the train in time, but Junior has seen a little bit of London now! We were just in time at the airport, but we can't board the plane yet! Aunt Anita is back as well, she'll fly back to Amsterdam with us. Junior is going to get something nice to drink and buy a small souvenir for Seth. Because Junior misses Seth really much and Junior really wants to give Seth something.

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