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The Sims 2 FreeTime Moblog #4

We're all inside! Bim and Anita from EA are also here, as well as many more people! Junior likes it a lot here, there are already five computers with FreeTime on it already, and there's a big TV so everybody can watch along during Bim's presentation.

Bim has also received hagelslag from the secretaries, she liked it a lot. Junior will blog about the expansion later!

Bim and hagelslag!

The Sims 2 FreeTime Moblog #3


Junior is back again! And besides the secretaries Junior is now also with uncle Martin and aunt Angela! And many more people who Junior doesn't know, and some uncle Rembrandt who is already veeeeeeeeeeeeery old. Junior just doesn't know uncle Rembrandt yet.

We can't enter yet but have to wait outside for a while. Junior doesn't know if uncle Rembrandt will come in too, though, he is a little stiff. Other than that everybody will go inside to play FreeTime! Junior can't wait, it has already taken soooo long! Wait just a little longer, Junior will blog again later!

Sims 2 Graffiti

The Sims 2 FreeTime Moblog #2

Junior is listening to tunes from the PSP together with the secretaries. The copying didn't go completely okay so that makes Junior a little sad because now some tunes don't work at all!

We're already on the train for a long time. Junior is getting impatient! But it won't take as long as traveling to Leipzig or flying home! And Junior has to wait almost two hours before Junior can meet Bim. Hopefully Bim want to have a picture of her with Junior. Junior is really excited!

We'll meet aunt Angela and uncle Martin in any moment. The male secretary has told Junior that uncle Wouter and uncle Jordy are already in Amsterdam to play tourist. Junior will do that after the event. Aunt Angela has promised yummy frappuccino!

Oh, little Seth is still a little too young to come along, so he is at his grandparents' today. Little Seth always likes that, so he will enjoy it. But Junior does miss Seth though!

Until the next blog! Junior is going to play games for a bit and then we have to get off already!

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