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Moblog Junior #8

We're back in Bremen, along with my secretaries, and of course Niklas, and Fabian, and Jan. Everyone was hungry, so guess where Junior went to eat! We're at the pizzeria! *om nom nom*


This time no Pizzahut, but a restaurant named Venezia in Bremen. Juunnniiooorrrrrrr scored lots of keycords today, when we were still in Leipzig! Mostly Playstation keycords, but also 1 Nintendo keycord.

Junior finally Spored, so now Junior fiiiinally gets it! Spore and sporen are to completely different things. Spore is a game and sporen, is something we just don't do!


Junior is still waiting for the pizza.


Moblog Junior #7

Today Junior got the opportunity to sleep a bit late. The last day in Leipzig has arrived. This is the last time (at least the last time in 2006) we'll be on our way to the Games Convention. My secretaries both say that they are going to score some keycords. I just leave them be. Unless I can find a Hawaiian keycord, I'm not joining them.

This afternoon we'll all drive back to Jan in Bremen with Niklas's car. Fabian is also driving along. And Robert is taking the train.

This evening Juunnniiooorrrrrrr will let you know how everything went.


Moblog Junior #6


Today Junior visited the convention again, Junior only wanted to go to Hawaii. But my secretaries just had to go and beg for more keycords. They are pretty happy with it, I think. My male secretary has 3 more now and my female secretary has gained 7 of them! They are completely nuts. Maybe Junior should seek professional help for them. Or at least for Junior. To prevent Junior from going completely insane.



Oh right! Junior has taken a few bites from the Subway bun from the female secretary. That was good, but Pizzahut is still slightly better...


And in the Business Lounge from EA Junior has secretly sipped from the female secretary's champagne. Was special, but now Junior is a bit *hips* dizZzZzZzZz...

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