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Spore Event Moblog #1

Goodmolnig! Junior is still a little *yaaawwn*. Where was Junior? Oh, yeah, Schiphol! Because Junior got up reaaaally early tonight, because Junior is going to travel again! Today Junior will go spore, because today at Electronic Arts in England Junior will see and hopefully also play Spore.

Junior is now enjoying a nice bite at the Juggle Sandwich Bar with the secretaries, because Starbucks doesn't open until 7. Junior thinks that's too bad, but tonight, when Junior gets back, Junior will get a frappuccino! But Junior will now eat and drink the rest of the hot chocolate with whipped cream, later!

Starbucks that isn't open at 6 AM:

Wall of Fame

Junior is altijd al beroemd geweest natuurlijk! Dat is niets nieuws. Maarrrrrr... Junior gaat sinds een tijdje ook met andere beroemde mensen op de foto! Op deze pagina kun je zien met wie!

Ome Thomas Vu
Ome Thomas Vu van EA

Tante Starrats
Tante Patricia (tante Starrats) van LuckySims2

Ome DeKDeS
Ome Martin (ome DeKDeS) van DMS2C
Junior vond het heel gevaarlijk met die sigaret zo dicht in de buurt!!! Foei ome Martin!

Ome Duivel DeKDeS
AHHHHHH!!! Junior wist niet dat ome DeKDeS ook ome Duivel was? Shock Crying Sad :?

Tante Mogway
Tante Angela (tante Mogway) van DMS2C

Ome Rembrandt
Oud-oud-oud-oud-oud-oom Rembrandt. Is blijkbaar heel beroemd. Maar Junior heeft geen idee wie het is?!

Tante Bim Majekodunmi
Tante Bim Majekodunmi van EA

Tante Anita

De Sims 2 VrijeTijd Moblog #8

Pheeeeew, Junior is tired! But we're almost home. Uncle Wouter and uncle Jordy are off the train already, and now only Junior and the secretaries are heading home. Uncle Wouter and uncle Junior have recorded a little video for SimParool, and besides that everybody looks at the painting! It is very big! But really pretty!

The Freezer Bunny painting in the train!

Junior has seen a whole lot today, Bim and FreeTime and graffiti and Starbucks and Burger King and the train to Utrecht and the train to Eindhoven and now the train home! It is late and Junior is tired, but Junior wants to go to a presentation again the day after tomorrow! And painting again! And playing FreeTime agazzzzzzzz......

[Male secretary: Junior fell asleep. He'll probably blog again soon. Good night!]

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