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Moblog Junior #11

*yum yum yummmm*

Ham and cheese bun was very good! Junior is back in the train, but of course not alone. Bremen is a beautiful city, too bad about the rain. My female secretary has made some nice pics, which she will publish on her blog later on. It was almost as if we were at home, since we saw a cheese car from The Netherlands, and a "Pannekoekschip" from The Netherlands, and Delfts Blauw from The Netherlands, and Friesche coffee from Friesland.

We also saw a loooooooooooooooot of pretty buildings. And all those buildings were much older than both the secretaries together!

We also visited Saturn, where they even have Junior games. The Saturn is a supersized store with electronic gadgets and machines. They also had a lot of Sims games. Almost more than all the games ever made.

Click here to see the photos from the Sims games at Saturn in Bremen

Junior will now continue eating the ham cheese bun. See you later!

*Om nom nom*

Moblog Junior #10

Today Junior slept in late, and that was really nice. Now we're at a bakery in the center of Bremen. Junior has eaten a whooooooole chocolade bun. I'm a bit stuffed now.

We're going sightseeing in a few. Junior will be back later.


Moblog Junior #9

The pizza was very good, but my male secretary's pizza was a bit late. We're already back in Jan's apartment and it's late.

Tomorrow we'll go check out Bremen, along with Niklas. After that our train goes back to The Netherlands. Junior doesn't really like that idea, Junior secretly thinks Germany is fun.

Juunnniiooorrrrrrr still wants to go to Hawaii, but according to the secretaries we won't be going there anytime soon. *sigh*

Junior is not tired yet, but the female secretary says Junior has to take a nap anyway, so I'm going to stop blogging now. Tomorrow Juunnniiooorrrrrrr will return with more!


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