Rosana Kooymans

December 2011

Bunch of cats!

The family

The family!

Mirror, mirror...

Mirror, mirror

Actually it's not a mirror. It's a train window. Grin

Artsy Junior

Artsy Junior

Artsy! Cool

The one and only...

The one and only

Chocomel! Junior loves it! Heart

Interesting Hat

Interesting Hat

This is one of Juniors many hats. It's actually a cup from the Efteling, but Junior is really into that sort of strange hats. Happy



Oh, Junior just loves chocolate. Especially Milka and Daim, and those two combined! Perhaps it's time to visit IKEA again!

The Chair

Junior's chair!

Junior really loved this inflatable chair. Unfortunately it had a leak somewhere, so Junior doesn't have a proper chair anymore. Crying

Fancy the hat?

Party time!

Party time!

Junior and Sharky!

Junior and Sharky!

Best friends.


Junior polaroid!

A Junior polaroid: Junior in the train. Cool