Rosana Kooymans

December 2011

Junior wants a badge too!

Junior at EA!

Junior at EA!

Pwetty lights!

Junior is in a Christmas mood!

Watch out, Junior is in a Christmas mood! Must be the tree daddy cat bought earlier today! The smell, the sight, the beauty... Happy

The hippie life!

Junior chilling in the grass

Junior loves to chill in the grass on Union Square in San Francisco. Except this was taken in The Netherlands. Hmmm. Junior thinks it's time to go home!

Jetsetter Junior

Jetsetter Junior

Junior loves traveling. Junior thinks this was in the plane to London in 2008. Grin

Beary Cool Mug

Beary Cool Mug

Junior had a beary cool photoshoot a few years ago with this beary cool bear mug. Doesn't Junior look spiffy?

The Virgin Suicides

The Virgin Suicides

This picture reminds Junior of the Virgin Suicides movie cover. Don't worry. Junior is full of life!

Hawaii, Junior is coming!

Junior loves Hawaii

Junior just loves Hawaii. Will someone just buy Junior a plane ticket? Cool

Seat belt...

Spot and Junior say: always wear a seat belt!

Spot and Junior say: always wear a seat belt when you're in the car!

Maybe this is not the way to go about it though...


Homies: Spot and Junior

Homies; Spot and Junior. Photo taken in December 2006.

Baby Junior!

Baby Junior

An oldie. Baby Junior! This picture was taken on the plane, while on our way to San Francisco. Junior had a blast! Happy

Junior is feeling homesick now... Crying