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Junior celebrated Sinterklaas tonight with daddycat, mommycat and Seth cat! Seth got a new Cars beanie and Cars gloves, but doesn't like them! Such a shame. Junior does like it very much! But Junior has a bit of a problem not falling down and Junior also has trouble seeing! Cool Junior has a new Cars beanie! Junior has a new Cars beanie!

Junior is going to London!

Junior hasn't updated the website in a long time. This is because Junior doesn't have that many followers here. And Junior feels a little ignored by the world sometimes. So instead, Junior would rather sleep the entire day than to post blogs here that no one reads.

This year, Junior has visited EA Netherlands for a Sims 3 Ambitions event, and Junior has also visited the Gamescom in Germany in August! Junior didn't really go on pictures with famous people this time. The secretaries were too busy. Sad Maybe next year!

Anyway, Junior has some good news! Happy

Junior is leaving for a trip to London on Friday! Junior will definitely be taking a lot of pictures while there, preferably with Junior on them!

Please forgive Junior for not updating for so long. Be sure to come by and read Junior's blogs soon!


Junior was wondering if there is anything Junior can do to improve Juniorwood? Is there anything you would like to see on this website? Suggestions are welcome! Please share them with Junior. Junior will then make sure the female secretary will fix this!

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